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This Is a Story About Balance

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This is a journey to a different life

Say hello to a radically new way to live and work in California. A new community that’s fully approved and development-ready. With all the texture and energy of urban living, but with more nature in your day. A healthier, easier, innovative way of life that will attract talent and nurture productivity.

At Braden, work, home, school and entertainment will be within 10-minute reach via EV shuttle, e-bike and foot power. It’s a sustainable, interconnected community tuned to innovators and our evolving work lives. In Sacramento, where the land starts its rise toward the Sierra. (So weekend adventure is always on the horizon.) And it’s the start of a whole new community ecology that tackles some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time.

Braden means “wide valley,” a name that’s true to our California Central Valley location. And our belief in wide-open possibilities.

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Climate Balance Meets Life Balance

Our world is at a pressure point. The issues are big, but here’s the good news. Where we put our businesses and homes has more impact on the environment than anything else we can do. Braden is designed to help solve the problems we face. Going far beyond carbon credits and other half-measures. Creating real, positive impact for the planet — and people’s everyday lives.

Read About Our Climate Action Plan

A whole new day

Urban Meets Nature
and They Do the Tango

The heart of Braden will be a vibrant center of town, designed for people, not cars. Where lunchtime will find workers spilling out into shady “park blocks” — cooled by a lush tree canopy and lined with eclectic boutiques and restaurants. Inspired by Sacramento’s heritage as the City of Trees, and the Bay Area’s dynamic art, music and café culture.

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It’s a work from home and work from community place.

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The car takes a backseat to foot power. And e-power.

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Braden Bikes
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Greenways connect

park blocks to civic centers, neighborhood parks and homes clustered around green courts.

Shared green spaces inspire outdoor play, neighborhood barbecues and fresh air during workdays at home.
Kids exploring nature.

Outside is the new normal. Open spaces include a 500-acre preserve, surrounded by an inviting trail system.

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A family of four riding their bicycles down a bike path in the middle of a park block
Homes along open green space

An innovative blend of culture, education, conservation and inclusive home ownership.

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A woman picking up her elementary aged son and daughter from their local neighborhood school

The new California town

A New Geography

Technology has changed how we work and live. Change your coordinates. Expand your mental map.

Regional map of Sacramento, California that shows where the the new mixed-use community, Braden, is located, which is in between the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe

Town Center





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K-8 School





Park Blocks



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Open Space


Trails & Bike Lanes



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Central Mobility Hub


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Let’s Saturday your Monday

“If you’re sincere about reducing your carbon footprint and improving quality of life for your employees, you have to seriously consider locating your office where people can reasonably secure housing.”
Denise Gammon, Community Developer, Gammon Real Estate Advisors
“We’re creating a place that works for everyone,
from entry-level to CEO.”
Charles Somers, Owner, Somers West
“The community is designed as a complete ecosystem—where you can have little to no commute to get to work, get your groceries or get your child to school.”
Peter Calthorpe, Town Planner, HDR/Calthorpe
“Over time, we believe the competition for talent could shift to places that offer the best combination of quality of life, affordability and state-of-the art ecosystems that support a spectrum of work environments, including remote/hybrid workplaces.”
Bob Harris, Architect & Ecologist, Lake Flato Architecture

The Team

To bring this vision to life, we’ve assembled a best-and-brightest team.

Somers West

Community Developer


Town Planner

Lake Flato


Learn More

Bring your ideas and an open mind

Let’s work together to give Californians a vital new relationship between work and life, city and nature.

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